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“We have regular 5-a-day assemblies where whole year groups come together and choose their favourite routines to dance to. Our children absolutely love 5-a-day fitness. It is a major part of their daily routine and has contributed in making our children fitter, happier and more focused. I can’t recommend it enough!” – Chloe Jackson. Primary PE Specialist, Tower Hamlets, London.

“5-a-day Fitness is fun and effective for both staff and pupils, and so easy to fit into curriculum time!” – Annie Harrington. Primary School Teacher, Bromley.

Check out this amazing video of Aissa Maatougui School in Algeria performing a 5-a-day routine as part of an international school event organised by the British Council and Big Dance. Watch from 5m52s for a very special message.

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“5-a-day is engaging and really easy to use. It doesn’t require teachers to prepare, or have lots of training … it simply delivers quick blasts of pure physical activity.”
– Chris Story. PDM Cheshire West School Sport Partnership.

“5-a-day has rejuvenated physical activity in schools across the school sport partnership. Pupils love the routines and teachers love the simplicity. It has been so easy for schools to embed this resource to engage all pupils throughout the school day.”
– Hannah Goddard. Trafford School Sport Partnership.

“I love 5-a-day, it’s great! It gives children a real boost first thing in the morning, making them much more alert and ready for the day.”
– Rebecca Sloane. Primary School Teacher.

“5-a-day is a brilliant resource that is easy to use, fun and effective. Our school uses 5-a-day as part of its daily assembly. Children smile and laugh and participate enthusiastically during the short focused exercise/dance session. All of our students, three-year-olds to nine-year-olds, boys and girls, love the dance routines.”
– Georgina Hale. Primary School Headteacher, Southwark.

“What a fantastic resource. Reception through to Year 6 absolutely love it. Thank you 5-a-day”
– Brendan Rouse. Primary Teacher, Bath.


Teach Primary Magazine Review

Tried and Tested by Teach Primary

5-a-day Fitness is a fun, effective and inclusive resource that will help children become fitter, nimbler, more motivated and more attentive when used regularly. The resources will also do their bit for improving behaviour. The routines could be used at any point in the day and would be ideal for when the class hit a bit of a slump or need to be energised to improve concentration and listening skills.
– John Dabell. Teach Primary Magazine


A collection of new, off-the-shelf fitness software well worth considering is 5-a-day Fitness. Fully demonstrated five minute routines packed with high energy, low impact repeated movements and set to stirring music. The routines are graded according to their difficulty from one to five and so enable you to cater for your class accordingly as well as any special needs. The resource also comes with detailed picture cards to go along with every exercise and certificates of achievement, which can be easily printed off the school network.

To read the rest of the review please visit the Teach Primary Website.


The British Medical Journal Review

Kirsten Patrick on 5-a-day fitness

Yesterday my 6 year old son demonstrated to me one of the daily workouts that he and his classmates do between lessons at school. They use a programme called 5-a-day Fitness. The class follows five minutes of dance or fitness moves demonstrated by an “instructor” projected up on to the white board via laptop. My son’s favourite is “workout,” a pretty complex sequence of dance moves, crossover steps, twirls, star jumps and wiggles. Almost as good he says is “disco.” There’s also “robot,” “hula,” and “march,” and a trio of chill-out options, “stretch,” “balance,” and “breathe”….the latter much less up the street of a six year old!

The kids LOVE doing “5-a-day.” When I asked my son’s teacher to show me the programme one day after school kids who were passing by on their way out (free to go home, you understand) came back in to the classroom so that they could have another go at it.

All classes in the school do a five minute routine every school day, sometimes twice a day. My son’s year 2 teacher says that she finds that it helps to get the kids focussed first thing in the morning and after lunch. Recently the teachers opted to stop getting the kids to line up and file in to class at 9am and to allow them to go straight in to the classroom when they arrive at school instead. To me a short period of dedicated exercise seems a much better way to spend the first five minutes of the day than a short period of shuffling single file to the classroom and hanging up coats. Definitely some inspired thinking going on there.

To read the rest of the review please visit the British Medical Journal Website.



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