Tried and Tested by Teach Primary

5-a-day Fitness is a fun, effective and inclusive resource that will help children become fitter, nimbler, more motivated and more attentive when used regularly. The resources will also do their bit for improving behaviour. The routines could be used at any point in the day and would be ideal for when the class hit a bit of a slump or need to be energised to improve concentration and listening skills.
– John Dabell. Teach Primary Magazine


A collection of new, off-the-shelf fitness software well worth considering is 5-a-day Fitness. Fully demonstrated five minute routines packed with high energy, low impact repeated movements and set to stirring music. The routines are graded according to their difficulty from one to five and so enable you to cater for your class accordingly as well as any special needs. The resource also comes with detailed picture cards to go along with every exercise and certificates of achievement, which can be easily printed off the school network.


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