What’s on 5-a-day TV?

There are six channels on 5-a-day TV, each with different videos.

The Fitness Channel

Here you’ll find all our great five-minute Fun Fitness videos. They are guaranteed to get your class up and jumping first thing in the morning, or use up any excess energy they may still have after lunch or break time. Here’s an example of a video from The Fitness Channel. Click on the play button…

The Time-2-Chill Channel

Time-2-Chill videos are two-minute routines concentrating on relaxation, imagination and coordination. Ideal for refocusing a class after break time or even midway through a lesson. Click play for an example of a Time-2-Chill routine.

The Language Channel

Our fun fitness videos are also available with Modern Foreign Language voice-overs and on-screen translations making 5-a-day TV a great cross-curricular PE and MFL resource. Videos are available in French, Spanish and Welsh. Depending on your level of progression you can choose whether or not to display English translations on screen, thereby improving language listening skills. Here is an example of one of the language videos showing both English and French on-screen keywords.

The Leadership Channel

The leadership channel contains routines and resources aimed at encouraging creativity and developing leadership skills. Routines are available with downloadable movement cards to inspire pupils to create their own 5-a-day fun fitness routines. Ideal for class projects and to improve peer assessment.


 The School Games Channel

Included in a school subscription to 5-a-day is access to the 5-a-day Pentathlon, a five-event multi-skills sports contest that can be performed outdoors or in the school hall. Detailed teacher instructions make it easy to take a class through all the events within a single PE lesson. Pupils can then use their ICT and numeracy skills to enter their data online. Pupils can be take part once a term, tracking their personal improvement as well as competing with other 5-a-day schools locally, nationally and internationally!


The Shopping Channel

If you are looking for motivational prizes for your class look no further than our fab Shopping Channel. We’ve got lots of 5-a-day gifts including T-shirts,  bags, pens, pencils, pencil cases, erasers, and even frisbees!


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