5-a-day Fitness Health & Safety

When using 5-a-day Fitness please ensure each pupil or participant has enough clear space to move freely without risking injury to themselves or others. Whilst changing into PE kit is not necessary, please ensure that clothing, especially footwear, is suitable for movement. Please also secure any loose items and remove jewellery.

The exercise routines and activities vary in difficulty; if a pupil or participant is unable to perform some of the movements simply replace that movement with an appropriate alternative, or try a different routine or activity. For example, upper and lower body movements can be interchanged, or jumps substituted for steps, depending on each participant's needs and ability.

If a pupil or participant experiences any discomfort during an exercise routine or activity it is recommended that they stop immediately.

Please ensure pupils or participants have access to drinking water before and after each exercise routine or activity.

Whilst the exercise routines and activities presented by 5-a-day Fitness Ltd are designed with health and safety in mind by qualified practitioners, its producers cannot accept liability for any accidents or injuries occurring as a result of using this product. In the event that users suffer from any particular physical, mental or medical condition, they are advised to consult a physician or seek medical advice prior to following the exercise routines or performing the activities.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]