Take a look a some of the many reviews we've had from those who have subscribed to 5-a-day TV.

5-a-day Fitness is fun and effective for both staff and pupils, and so easy to fit into curriculum time.

Annie Harrington. Primary School Teacher

What a fantastic resource. Reception through to Year 6 absolutely love it. Thank you 5-a-day

Brendan Rouse. Primary School Teacher

5-a-day has rejuvenated physical activity in schools across the school sport partnership. Pupils love the routines and teachers love the simplicity. It has been so easy for schools to embed this resource to engage all pupils throughout the school day.

Hannah Goddard. Partnership Development, Trafford School Sport Partnership

Our children absolutely love 5-a-day Fitness. It is a major part of their daily routine and has contributed in making our children fitter, happier and more focused. I can't recommend it enough!

Chloe Jackson, Primary Physical Education Specialist

The beauty of 5-a-day is that it doesn’t require teachers to prepare or have training, it doesn’t need a lot of space, or require pupils to put PE kits on, but delivers quick blasts of pure physical activity.

Chris Story, Sports Partnership Development Manager

5-a-day is a brilliant resource that is easy to use, fun and effective… Children smile and laugh and participate enthusiastically during the short focused exercise session.

Georgina Hale, Primary School Headteacher

What a fantastic resource. Reception through to Year 6 absolutely love it. Thank you 5-a-day.

Brendan Rouse, Primary School Teacher

I love 5-a-day, it’s great! It gives children a real boost first thing in the morning, making them much more alert and ready for the day. The Modern Foreign Languages resources have ignited a love for language learning.

Rebecca Sloane, Primary School Teacher

We use it each week as part of our whole school "fun fitness" programme. It is a very inclusive resource and pupils find it particularly clear and easy to follow.

Guy Wilkins, Advanced Skills Physical Education Teacher

The kids just do it in their school clothes on the carpet in the classroom. No need for changing; no need for special props, just gravity and their bodies.

Kirsten Patrick, British Medical Journal

As a result of introducing 5-a-day Fitness into our school we have attained a certificate stating we provide excellent PE, and we are now meeting all government targets for physical activity.

Linda Dietman, Physical Education Coordinator

5 a-day fitness to provides its member schools with a fun, easy to access and interactive classroom based resource, that helps schools to engage their pupils in enjoyable short bursts of physical activity on a regular basis.

Chris Dyson, School Games Manager